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Live Concert Sindulanthaya


ROBAROSIYA 2020 Live Concert all songs – Mayam Kalawe – Nadeemal Perera | Naukawe – Danith Sri | Pana Senehasa – Yohani | Pop Hits – Sinhala Mashup – Yohani | Sheela- Jaya Sri | Siri Sangabodhi – BNS & Yohani

ROBAROSIYA 2020 | ROBAROSIYA live concert | Mayam Kalawe ROBAROSIYA

Mayam Kalawe – Nadeemal Perera

Download “Mayam Kalawe – Nadeemal Perera [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Mayam-Kalawe-Nadeemal-Perera-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1086 times – 5 MB

Naukawe – Danith Sri

Download “Naukawe – Danith Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Naukawe-Danith-Sri-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 955 times – 5 MB

Pana Senehasa – Yohani

Download “Pana Senehasa – Yohani [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Pana-Senehasa-Yohani-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1098 times – 5 MB

Pop Hits – Sinhala Mashup – Yohani

Download “Pop Hits – Sinhala Mashup – Yohani [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Pop-Hits-Sinhala-Mashup-Yohani-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1254 times – 6 MB

Sheela- Jaya Sri

Download “Sheela- Jaya Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Sheela-Jaya-Sri-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1029 times – 6 MB

Siri Sangabodhi – BNS & Yohani

Download “Siri Sangabodhi – BNS & Yohani [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Siri-Sangabodhi-BNS-Yohani-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1184 times – 7 MB

Pandama – Dhanith Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]

Download “Pandama – Dhanith Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Pandama-Dhanith-Sri-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 733 times – 6 MB

Sudu Andumin – Jaya Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]

Download “Sudu Andumin – Jaya Sri [ROBAROSIYA 2020]” Sudu-Andumin-Jaya-Sri-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 881 times – 6 MB

Oba Magemai – Yohani

Download “Oba Magemai – Yohani” Oba-Magemai-Yohani-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 1014 times – 6 MB

Piyamanne – Jaya Sri

Download “Piyamanne – Jaya Sri” Piyamanne-Jaya-Sri-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 908 times – 7 MB

Sandaganawa – Danith Sri

Download “Sandaganawa – Danith Sri” Sandaganawa-Danith-SriROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 881 times – 6 MB

Nura Wasanthe – Nadeemal Perera

Download “Nura Wasanthe – Nadeemal Perera” Nura-Wasanthe-Nadeemal-Perera-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 893 times – 7 MB

Galana Ganga – Yohani

Download “Galana Ganga – Yohani” Galana-Ganga-Yohani-ROBAROSIYA-2020.mp3 – Downloaded 905 times – 6 MB

It learns how to be happy and How to remove our sadness. Some times we love music!! but some times we are not!! Someone says “Music can make me forget all of my pain” and also someone says “Music can teach us many lessons” Someone says “Listening to music puts me in a good mood” And I think it’s truth. We can listen to music every time. And also Music travels all around our body. As a result We love music!!!

Where words fail, music speaks. It speaks of the pain, of the sorrow, of the lost, of the life we live. It shares emotions. It’s a way to connect, to understand what others feel.

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