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iPage web hosting - Is this you are looking?  


Danushka Sanjeewa
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 96
28/11/2018 8:06 am  

How ipage describe them?

  • Build, market, and grow your website with iPage
  • Get a hosting plan that works. It's quick and easy.

Features on ipage

FREE domain name

  • Get your own professional domain name FREE for a year with iPage hosting plans.

Best apps on the web

  • Create an online store, start a blog, or set up a photo gallery. All the best apps are available with iPage.

30-day money back

  • If you feel iPage isn't for you within 30 days we'll give you your money back, guaranteed, no questions asked.

FREE email address

  • Create unlimited email addresses at your own domain, including autoresponders and email forwarding.

FREE website builder

  • Instant access to our state of the art drag and drop website editor. Choose from thousands of professional looking templates.

eCommerce website

  • Create your own online store and sell goods online with our excellent eCommerce functionality.

FREE ad credits

  • Get $200 worth of FREE ad credits for search engines such as Google and Bing.


  • Monitor and track your website's performance with the analytics tool included with your hosting account.

Unlimited domains

  • Host unlimited domains within your iPage hosting account.

All plans include over $500

Shanelar Shanelar
Eminent Member
Joined: 6 months ago
Posts: 35
07/09/2019 7:08 am  

What country truly the only black man in the Titanic was from

Is Bosporus the capital of the only country that borders both the mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea?

neo. Ankara is money of Turkey, Which is the only country thatis bordered by BOTH the mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea. During the time of the Ottoman Empire (1453 1923), Istanbul, Theonly city on both the med and Black Seas, Was the capitalof that level...

The engineers meant that with the number of different "water-resistant" areas, The ship would remain afloat long enough evenin a bad accident for the boats they had to allow them to ferry allpassengers into safety..

it had a safety limit to how many lifeboats a ship couldcarry. truly, The Titanic was carrying more lifeboats than itshould are commonly, an income still weren't enough. They removed some of the lifeboats because they thought it lookedtoo cluttered and they believed that it was unsinkable so theydidn't think that they would need them. ( Full solution )

What should you do when I am an Asian man and are only sexually interested in black women and I am dating a black woman but if my parents knew they would disown me?

If you are living in an Asian country then you definitely know your own culture well and that sons in Asian families are highly regarded; Should be well educated and successful if possible and marry to their own race. also, Asians do not think kindly of black people regardless how nice they are. You said you are just dating black as well as not once mentioned love. nothing at all is wrong with anyone dating a black woman especially if they are no longer a minor and not under the control of their parents. suffice to say, [url=]chinese datings[/url] you ought to be more honest with yourself and ask yourself why you feel the need to always date black women and why you don't date Asian women or even Caucasian women. Are you riding on the myth that black women are more sexual than other races or could possibly be some other reason. You have two choices when Westernized; Be sure you love a black woman before hurting your parents and if you are in love then take the risk and tell them you love her and hopefully they will agree to meet with her and if they do not then you have got to walk away from your parents and hope they come around in the future or, 2 improve your habits and start dating Asian women. it is now far more acceptable now regarding mixed marriages. There is nothing your mother and father can do now that you are a man, But disown users. ( Full reply to )

Is Michael Jackson the only black man to turn white or beware of others like him?

Michael Jackson experienced vitiligo, A skin pigmentationdisease lots of irregular patches of the skin to lose theirpigment. Anyone of any race can get this disorder and it isincurable. Globally about 1% of people are affected by vitiligo. Somepopulations have rates as tall as 2 3%. About half show the syndrome before age 20 andmost develop it before age 40. Vitiligo has been reviewed sinceancient history. ( Full provide answers to ).