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Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer also called adsorption Air Dryer, is an air drying equipment, which works with air compressor and air filters to get the dried and purified compressed air. It drys the compressed air by PSA and TSA means.
Product Details Show
Our Advantage
We are professional manufacturer of compressed air dryer industrial,have more than 15years experience,own 1500 square meter factory;
2)Long desiccant life.
Suitable tower sized ensure best condition of velocity & time when compressed air through desiccant bed,making good use of the desiccant.
3)High quality service
Our sales team is able to efficiently and professionally communicate through written and verbal skills in English. Professional both in products and manufacture processing, staff can service and reply you in 24 hours.
Product Application
Our products have been widely used in kinds of industry including petroleum,chemical, electric power, food, medical, biological pharmaceutical and textile industry etc.
Electronics Industry
Providing superior or outstanding reliability for demanding processesFood Industry
To achieve reliable supply of dry compressed airConstruction Industry
To ensure that the utilization rate up to 100% under the severe condition.
Company Profile
Hiross (Zhangzhou) Industrial Machinery Co.,Ltd specialized in manufacture and sales of refrigerated air dryer, desiccant air dryer, dehumidifier, air filter, filter element, auto drain valve,etc. Dedicated to strict quality control and thoughtful customer service, our experienced staff members are always available to discuss your requirements and ensure full customer satisfaction.
Selling well in all cities and provinces around China, Our products are available in 30 countries covering Europe, America, Australia, Asia, Africa, Middle-East, and in countries such as USA,Canada, UK, Mexico, Spain, Serbia, Italy, Finland, Australia, Philippines, Pakistan, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Africa.
We are pleased to welcome you from home or abroad to our company for a visit or a business talk, even if you have already had a familiar partner.
Hiross company have obtained CE, ISO9001, GCCA certifications etc, and if you need other special certifications for your country,then we will apply it for you.
Packing & Shipping
Packing: One unit to one wooden box,or other packing is available
Port of Loading: Xiamen port, or other port in China is available
1. Can the dryer be adapted to corrosive gases?
A: No, the conventional dryer is suitable for non-corrosive compressed air purification.
2. What is the control method for the dryer?
A: The conventional dryer is controlled by a microcomputer program.
3: Could I use my own LOGO or design on goods?
A: Yes. Customized logo and design on mass production are available.
4: Can I trust you?
A: Absolutely YES. We are “Alibaba” verified supplier,and rich experience in compressed air industry;
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Conduct Us
Sales:Sunny He
Tel/Wechat: 86-13328708596
Skype/WhatsApp:86-18659206038Heatless Desiccant Dryer

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