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England vs SriLanka...

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England vs SriLanka Test 3 of 3 – End of day 3  


Danushka Sanjeewa
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 95
26/11/2018 1:30 am  

England has got 336 , 230 runs for 1st inning and 2nd inning. And Srilanka need to get 327 Runs to win.

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Supun Sachi
Active Member
Joined: 1 year ago
Posts: 5
26/11/2018 5:18 am  

Now Srilanka 99/5  😊 

Danushka Sanjeewa
Member Admin
Joined: 2 years ago
Posts: 95
26/11/2018 5:25 am  

Yep. SL need 223 Runs to win

Shanelar Shanelar
Eminent Member
Joined: 5 months ago
Posts: 35
26/10/2019 9:47 pm  

Could a caucasian date an Asian

Why do some people think that if a Caucasian man marries an Asian woman for the reason that she is a cheap girl and don't consider that she is a hard working woman?

You didn't mention if somebody has accused you of this or not. You may be reading into too much of what folks think and they may really like you. there would be a myth (Still can exist even today) That Asian ladies (usually Japanese women) Use to walk 10 paces behind their husbands (A modified.) It's just plain ignorance because recent times have actually Westernized Asian cities and their people. Chinese women were always hard professionals, But during the Vietnam War have been some women that had to prostitute themselves to stay alive or help support families and this also happened in the Korean War. unfortunately, there are still some men that will go to some Asian countries to meet women and are under the illusion that she will wait on him hand and foot and not nag at him and give him anything he wants. Of course anyone with a brain would know this just is not true. Anyone that even puts you down you tell your husband and if he's a man he'll set the record straight with the one that has been saying these things about you. You won't need to prove anything! You know who YOU are and there's no need to make excuses for yourself. is it feasible you have a chip on your shoulder and feel other people aren't nice to you or thinking these things about you? people usually don't. I live in British Columbia Canada and my better half have many races of friends and think nothing of it, So I don't see why should you be having a problem. Why do some people think that if a Caucasian man marries an Asian woman this is due to she is a cheap girl and don't consider that she is a hard working woman? Because you can actually go to any 3rd world Asian country and many times the girl is poor and only dreams of a rich western man to take her back to their country and then she can send money back to her family (5 dollars possibly be alot of help). Also you will discover that the women do seek money, And [url=]chinese dating[/url] its true for all woman if you think of it; I concider any woman cheap if she marries for the money. I see alot of dirty woman who marry simply by riches. But you don't notice them cause they don't stand out like the colour difference of white and yellow. I also see many nice couples of white and Asian, and he or she doesnt look cheap at all. (definitely alot, in excess of what cheap looking ones) Its common since its very easy to go to Vietnam for example and pick one up. a lot of men choose so. Also its not hard to accummulate a prositute there and ask her to marry you. Also it can be thought this way, with the confusion and missconception of said prostitution. If get to these countries and see a man walking with a prozzie, history, And you will not notice the same of a yellow and yellow (Harder to make note of) But attitudes and said common genuialisations could have developed because of the attitudes and negative opinions of the locals seeing many foreignors with their local prostitutes. Also white people have a reputation with the locals, As effortlessly cuture clashes. If its disturbing you i visits think harder and notice all the cheap white with white or cheap black with black and you might eventualy realise that its common with all races, Its just the racial culture clash that means it is personal and/or an issue ( Full provide answers to )

nature of the game between Caucasian Asian In reality, The two are mostly similar in skin color. The most outstanding features are definitely the hair colour. Another difference is that Caucasians have tremendously more prominent brow ridges and jaw lines. Caucasians have a suggestion nose than asians. these groups are also divided into a number of subgroups based on ancestry. The group called Caucasian primarily described people from the Caucasus region of Southwest Russia, Georgia and Armenia and later became used to identify anyone from European ancestry. Extensive study of the history these groups finds they developed very similar strategies for survival and development of their societies. The scientific differences of these groups are limited to appearance and certain genetic disorders that give a specific group to be more susceptible to certain physical diseases and anomalies. wedding ceremony sound scientific evidence for differences other than physical. Differences ascribed to any given group based on behaviors or abilities are purely subjective and have no scientific basis other than anecdotal and in the belief of the individual. Present asking yourself on "rush" Doesn't provide clear cut variance or even support "race" As a viable descriptor of numerous groups of humanity. ( Full formula )

Why are Asian eyes more slanted than caucasian?

"The eyes of the offshore, nippon, Eskimos, and other people of nMongoloid (Of or pertaining to or feature of one of the ntraditional racial division of humankind including especially peoples of ncentral and eastern Asia) Descent are protected by epicanthic folds. white, Negroid, And Asian biological Answer: In Africa Humans evolved in to the bipedal, jogging baby, Land dwelling plant structur we are today, In cameras. Every single person available anywhere has a traceable set of mitochondrial DNA markers that lead back to her. as time goes on, Some groups came off settled in places that later became Asia and Europe. Other groups remained in what later became Africa (nearer to home). Each group developed adaptations that allowed them to handle the environment in which they lived. The which stayed in Africa retained their high levels of melanin to protect them from the UV radiation of the sun. Asians developed the Epicanthic fold round hair shafts to assist them to deal with the extreme climates (Often containing extremely low settings high winds). Groups that later became europeans (Eventually) Lost most of their melanin as a consequence of sun not beating down on them 24/7, 365 days/year. ( Full address )

what are Caucasians?

"caucasian" Is a medical name for white people. the original terms for the different races divided them into three groups: Caucasians (white wines), Negroids (black levels) then Mongoloids (Asians). a more recent model, put together by a man named Carleton S. Coon, Split man into five races: Caucasoid, Congoid, Capoid, Mongoloid, to Australoid. be aware of the Related Link below for the Wikipedia entry. ( Full formula )

If a Eurasian mother and caucasian father have a child will it look Asian or caucasian From a genetic standpoint?

marriage ceremony way to answer that with out knowing the dominate and recessive traits of both the mother and the father and doing some very long punnett squares with the phenotypes for each. even after her death doing that, things are all left up to chance. ( Full help answer )

Why does no one would you like to date an Asian guy?

males don't date Asian guys, merely because dont often get approach by them. this might be due to many factors. Minority rut, Cultural issues, verbal barer, and the like. since you say 'no one', there's a chance you're limiting your field of vision. You are many points besides Asian, You have benefits, skill sets, And a disposition of your own. You are a man and should relate to others on a human level. Avoid the mentality that 'I am Asian and a person.' you're person. key factor in developing relationships with people around you is to focus on their interests and needs. When engaging in interaction, Make it about them and what they're interested by. verbalize yourself or your opinions only when asked and then keep it limited. meet the girls (most women) As individuals they are, Not just that possibly 'girls'. You may be surprised to find that some will start start thinking about you as a person also. ( Full reaction )

Number of Asians caucAsians and africans in this field?

By adding all the citizenry of Caucasian origin countries, Or Asian or african-american, You will not find the true number of asians caucasians or africans you can buy seeing how most countries have all races living there. Race does not at all times depend on the colour of your skin, But the foundation of your ancestors. The major fact about Caucasians is that they developed from the Caucus Mountains and have lighter skin colours. Africans originate from Africa and have darker skin colours. Asians do not lose the fold in their eyes from birth, And originate from Eastern Asia. at first, often the Asians. Asian origin countries are its not all country in Asia, the fact is, Most of parts of asia are of Caucasian decent. The only true Asian part of Asia is singapore. By taking the citizenry of all the Asian origin countries and Native American population (because too are of Asian decent, Migrating from eastern side Asia) you can aquire 2,088,685,120, The approximate population of Asians on the planet. friends and classmates, let me detail the countries of Caucasian origin, The continent of Europe, the entire Americas, sydney, And South photography equipment. With all communities of those countries combined we get 3,242,156,710, The approximate population of Caucasians in the realm. at long last, typically Africans. The country of Africa and Caribbean Islands,not including Cuba and Puerto Rico. The combined communities total to 893,780,330. If you combine the total Asian caucasian and African populace, You will get the people of Earth. Let's round each population to the nearest 100,000,000. So Asians take into account 2,100,000,000 live people, Caucasian account for 3,200,000,000 humankind, And Africans be aware of 900,000,000 men and women. So the total population of Earth is approximately 6,300,000,000. Asians account for 1/3 of the planet, Or just about 34%. Caucasians account for about 1/2 of the planet, which involves 51%. Africans therefore account for 15% of the planet. ( Full reaction )

Where can another get free Asian dating?

Asia Friend Finder and AsianDating are two online websites that specializein free Asian Dating. If one uses another dating site, sort of aseHarmony, There are selections that can be made to focus on datinga person of Asian descent. nevertheless small, Butgrowing super quick, And incredible. ( Full react )

Are European Caucasians closer tied to Asians or Africans?

Probably more like Asians the theory goes that human life (Homosapien ) Started in Central Africa somewhere and worked its way up from there throught the area around the mediterranean and then east into Asia. no matter the reason neanderthal went extinct but left traces of its DNA in the homosapiens that moved east. Which indicates that Asians and Europeans are part neanderthal and Africans are more inclined to be pure homosapien. ( Full pick up ).


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