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Top Paying Adsense Keywords ( High Paying Keywords )  


Danushka Sanjeewa
Member Admin
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20/11/2018 5:34 am  

  • Financial
  • Automobile
  • Medical
  • Domain names & Web hosting
  • Electronics
  • Software
  • Telecom
  • Travel & Tourism

Top Paying Financial Keywords Are:

auto insurance quote $57.18
college loan consolidation $53.52
car insurance quote $46.89
federal loan consolidation $46.62
online car insurance $41.92
term life insurance quote $40.43
cheap car insurance $39.79
student loan consolidation $39.45
auto insurance quotes $39.24
online insurance quotes $37.63
student loan information $37.32
equity loan rates $36.53
nj auto insurance $36.31
student loan consolidation center $35.89
debt consildation $35.83
chase credit cards $35.02
student loan refinancing $34.89
discount car insurance $34.34
life insurance quote $34.26
homeowners insurance quotes $33.61
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage loans $33.17
mortgage refinancing $33.08
equity line of credit $33.05
college loans $32.91
best mortgage rates $32.65
student loans $32.54
loan refinancing $32.44
us mortgage rates $32.38
instant insurance quote $32.37
term life insurance quotes $32.11
consolidation loan $32.03
loan refinance $31.95
car insurances $31.92
safe auto insurance $31.82
insurance auto florida $31.38
auto insurance $31.38
equity line of credit $30.71
gmac mortgages $30.46
mortgages for self employed $30.45
car insurance california $30.17
in car insurance $29.84
best mortgage $29.53
refinancing mortgages $29.43
line of credit $29.27
prequalify loan $28.98
loans com $28.75
business credit report $28.40
whole life insurance quotes $28.17
new york auto insurance $27.72
online mortgages $27.71
student loan $27.61
cheap house insurance $27.45
low cost life insurance $27.25
school loan consolidation $26.99
citi credit $26.80
manhattan mortgages $26.70
school loans $26.61
term insurance $26.58
second mortgage $26.56
credit report com $26.48
auto ins $26.21
consolidation $25.90
line of credit $25.57
landlords insurance $25.46
low mortgage $25.45
commercial vehicle insurance $25.37
credit consolidation $25.32
bad credit mortgages $25.22
bad credit mortgages $25.22
discount life insurance $25.22

Top Paying Automobile Keywords Are:

auto insurance quote $57.18
auto quote $45.01
auto insurance quotes $39.24
nj auto insurance $36.31
auto quotes $33.13
auto insurance ontario $33.07
safe auto insurance $31.82
insurance auto florida $31.38
auto insurance $31.38
auto accident attorney $29.51
michigan auto accident $29.04
san antonio auto $27.92
new york auto insurance $27.72
austin auto $25.47
auto insurance ca $23.03
mercury insurance auto $21.03
auto nation $20.77
auto refinance $20.56
auto refinance loans $20.16
las vegas auto $18.23
philadelphia auto $17.75
auto insurance canada $17.74
auto owners insurance $17.59
denver auto $16.98
auto accident $15.15
auto comparison $15.04
auto loan rate $14.44
auto $13.40
auto glass $12.19
auto loan $11.68
auto loans online $11.50
auto loans $11.46
auto rental $11.29
new jersey auto $11.23

Top Paying Medical Keywords Are:

medifast weight loss $48.18
mesothelioma lawyers $44.45
medifast diet $36.28
mesothelioma attorneys $32.29
mesothelioma lawyers $32.26
accutane class action $30.12
viagra for women $27.71
michigan plastic surgery $24.68
medifast $24.44
mesothelioma lawyer $24.28
mesothelioma $24.03
female viagra $23.33
cosmetic surgery michigan $22.88
plastic surgery la jolla $22.87
plastic surgery la jolla $22.87
accutane lawsuit $22.42
mesothelioma attorney $22.39
mesothelioma treatments $21.84
plastic surgery cincinnati $21.12
pro active acne treatment $21.06
accutane lawsuits $20.80
plastic surgery staten island $20.25
beverly hills plastic surgery $20.14
beverly hills plastic surgery $20.14
plastic surgery staten island $20.05
cosmetic surgery los angeles $19.79
medifast inc $19.69
laser eye surgery seattle $19.37
mesothelioma texas $19.33
cancer research uk $18.19
eye surgery los angeles $18.11
malignant mesothelioma $17.95
acne complex $17.90
peritoneal mesothelioma $17.71
pro active acne $16.96

Top Paying Domain names & Web hosting Keywords Are:

register a domain name $34.51
domain registrations $31.39
servers dedicated $29.47
how to register a domain name $26.84
domaine names $26.00
register domain names $25.83
search domain name $24.75
domain register $24.25
domain registration $23.97
internet domain registration $23.58
yahoo webhosting $22.05
domain registering $21.78
counter strike dedicated servers $21.65
buy domain name $21.23
registering domain names $20.71
domain check $20.21
buy a domain name $20.12
domain search $19.83
dedicated server $19.73
managed dedicated servers $19.56
domain name registrations $19.55
eu domain registration $19.52
domain searches $19.28
domain names $19.06
domain name registration $19.01
dedicated linux hosting $18.35
available domain name $18.31
linux dedicated hosting $18.20
dedicated web hosting $18.04
hosting domain registration $17.87
dedicated windows server hosting $17.74
dedicated web hosting $17.63
hosting dedicated $17.58
dedicated hosting $17.30
managed dedicated hosting $17.30
domain name availability $16.99
ca domain name $16.64
web domain $16.58
dedicated web server $16.56
domain names canada $16.53
dedicated server hosting $16.14
dedicated hosting server $16.03
cheap domain names $16.00
register domains $15.92
dedicated windows hosting $15.90
mohaa dedicated server $15.87
inexpensive domain $15.70
domain name $15.69
dedicated server web hosting $15.44
Domain $15.38
domain name registration search $15.37
uk dedicated hosting server $15.36
unix dedicated server $15.17
cheap domain register $15.03
dedicated sql server $15.03

Top Paying Keywords Electronics Keywords Are:

laptop data recovery $23.60
vaio notebook $22.88
laptop pcs $18.85
computer notebooks $18.49
sony cyber shot dsc w7 digital camera $17.61
laptop computers $16.18
notebooks $13.79
rugged laptop $13.55
pc laptops $13.43
laptops $13.34
vaio laptop battery $12.56
toshiba laptop computers $12.07
macintosh laptop $12.00
laptop notebook $11.51
notebook pc $11.48
laptop mounts $11.32
notebook computers $11.31
vehicle laptop $10.32
dsc p10 digital camera $10.05

Top Paying Software Keywords Are:

software escrow $31.24
billing software $19.35
human resources software $17.78
spy sweeper $17.21
accounting software $15.90
spyware detection $15.46
small business software $14.87
inventory management software $14.38
pestpatrol $14.24
optimization software $14.19
webroot spy sweeper $13.83
payroll software $13.73
spam software $13.49
webroot spy $13.43
spy sweeper download $13.38
software mirroring $13.12
fundraising software $12.81
software configuration management $12.53
great plains software $12.20
software distribution $12.14
web survey software $11.97
backup software $11.75
risk management software $11.63
antispam software $11.53
software management $11.32
video conferencing software $11.19
market research software $11.04
business software $10.50
spyware removal $10.49
spyware remover $10.09
spyware blocker $10.09

Top Paying Telecom Keywords Are:

sprint cell phone accessories $25.44
sprint cell phone $19.99
nextel cell phone $18.86
sprint phone $12.81
matrix cell phone $12.25
cell phone sync $11.12
at&t cell phone service $11.01
international cell phone rental $10.49
rental cell phone $10.12
sprint cell phone service $10.07
singular wireless $21.81
cingular wireless $17.26
wireless crm $15.13
cordless vacuum $13.80
wireless credit card $13.62
wireless credit card machine $13.49
wireless credit card processing $12.63
att wireless service $12.39
wireless pos $12.20
cingular wireless plans $11.27
att wireless $11.17
aircard $10.92
verizon wireless com $10.18

Top Paying Travel & Tourism Keywords Are:

ef tours $38.47
tesco travel $30.41
disney cruises $27.37
red lion hotel $24.64
wynn hotel las vegas $22.69
royal caribbean cruise line $22.42
royal caribbean cruise $21.73
travel lodge $21.21
royal cruise $20.82
wynn hotel $19.96
carribean cruise lines $19.27
crystal cruises $18.77
ramada hotel $18.21
crystal cruise $18.07
alcatraz tours $18.06
tauck tours $18.05
royal caribbean cruises $17.58
royal carribean cruise $16.96
norweigen cruise line $16.74
caribbean cruise $16.63
hotels com $16.09
caribbean cruises $15.83
extended stay hotel $15.45
royal caribbean $15.30
insure and go $15.16
radisson cruise line $15.14
paris hotel las vegas $15.00
carribian cruise $14.05
tropicana hotel $13.91
disney cruise $13.83
travel insurance $13.82
oceania cruises $13.50
hudson hotel $13.14
globus tours $13.05
backpackers travel $12.67
monte carlo hotel $12.38
flamingo hotel $12.21
funjet vacations $12.06
carribean cruise $11.85
carribean cruises $11.78
excalibur hotel $10.97
radisson cruise $10.94
cruise line $10.82
holland america $10.81
insight tours $10.81
luxor hotel $10.79
mayflower hotel $10.57
celebrity cruise lines $10.56
celebrity cruises $10.55
fairmont hotel $10.52
disney cruise line $10.26
medical travel $10.08
celebrity cruise $9.90
celebrity cruise line $9.76
extended stay hotels $9.70
holland america cruise $9.53
world cruises $9.38
river cruises $9.22
american express travel $9.16
holland america cruises $9.12
princess cruise line $8.96
princess cruise lines $8.95
world cruise $8.94
royal carribean $8.91
norwegian cruise line $8.62
carnival cruise line $8.32
mandalay bay hotel $8.32
cruise deal $8.22
cunard cruise $8.20
www hotels com $8.12
travel nurse $8.03
hotel in las vegas $7.96
atlantis hotel $7.84
trafalgar tours $7.79
norwegian cruises $7.60
travel nursing $7.56
london tours $7.52
las vegas hotel $7.52
cruise specials $7.49
europe cruises $7.41
vegas hotel $7.40
hotel reservations $7.37
cruise lines $7.29
travel $7.22
disney world vacations $7.15
bermuda cruise $7.08
contiki tours $7.08
princess cruises $7.06
travel city $7.05
cruise special $7.02
norweign cruise $7.02
last minute cruise $6.98
princess cruise $6.97
vegas hotels $6.96
las vegas hotels $6.96
tour holidays $6.95
cunard $6.93
all inclusive cruise $6.93
cruise discounts $6.92
cruises com $6.88
direct travel $6.87
paramount hotel $6.81
norwegian cruise $6.76
student travel $6.76
princess cruise ship $6.72
new york new york hotel $6.71
ncl com $6.70
travel backpacker $6.66
mediterranean cruises $6.56
carnival cruises $6.50
cruise america $6.42
mgm grand hotel $6.38
alaska cruise $6.34
saga travel $6.34
alaskan cruise $6.30
cruise packages $6.29
river cruise $6.28
cruise com $6.28
sea cruise $6.28
royal carribean cruises $6.23
cruise deals $6.23
golf vacations $6.23
alaskan cruises $6.18
tour vacations $6.18
bellagio hotel $6.15
mediterranean cruise $6.09
mirage hotel $6.09
park plaza hotel $6.09
hotels in las vegas $6.05
nile cruises $6.04
worry free vacations $6.03
cruise to bahamas $5.99
las vegas vacations $5.99
hawaii vacations $5.95
cheap cruises $5.92
las vegas travel $5.92
seabourn cruise $5.91
vegas vacations $5.91
billy joel tour $5.91
last minute cruises $5.90
radisson hotels $5.90
hotel management $5.87
travel smith $5.82
norwegian cruise lines $5.69
cruise vacation $5.69
loews hotel $5.69
alaska cruises $5.66
apple vacations $5.65
bahamas cruise $5.63
disney vacations $5.59
china tours $5.58
cruise ship fire $5.52
travel inn $5.51
cruises to hawaii $5.46
luxury cruise $5.44
discount cruises $5.42
island travel $5.42
hotel inn $5.40
escorted tours $5.39
treasure island hotel $5.39
new york hotel $5.37
plaza hotel $5.37
discount cruise $5.36
singles cruises $5.36
galveston cruise $5.34
hawaiian vacations $5.33
ski travel $5.32
the cruise $5.28
singles cruise $5.25
panama canal cruise $5.25
hiking travel $5.25
Cruise $5.24
bike tours $5.24
disney hotels $5.22
grand canyon tours $5.21
cruises $5.20
norweigan cruise line $5.19
key west hotels $5.19
island cruises $5.15
aladdin hotel $5.14
cruise from $5.12
hyatt hotels $5.06
bahama cruise $5.05
mexico cruise $5.03
europe tour $5.03
ncl $5.01
cruise rates $5.00

This topic was modified 1 year ago by Danushka Sanjeewa

Shanelar Shanelar
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04/09/2019 12:06 pm  

Are asian kitchenware men ugly

there is men of every race that are ugly. Men are not exactly the fairer sex anyway.

I've seen some very handsome Asian men who have masculine angular symetrical amazing features, And I have seen short stout dumpy stumpy ugly little Asian men with giant heads who look more like oriental lawn gnomes than anything different.

overall looks don't make a person. the individual makes the person. But the way in which, never! Asian guys are not any uglier than any other race of man. Guys are guys.

coupled with, If you happen to be asking because some girl doesn't like you, My advise is not to think about her. Tell her to get deployed, And move on to other people who is more attainable. certainly not. They will normally hit on girl they find attractive, Asian or bright. Obviously several are prejudiced and only date Asians. But Asian guy will probably hit on any girl they find attractive. It depends on the personality of that person no matter what the culture. It is a fact that some Asian males prefer blondes to dark haired women simply as there is such a contrast between the two and also that the world has seen how many blondes there are in California (it is precisely what they see and hear on TV or in magazines.) I live in Canada and see progressively Asian women streaking their hair in brighter shades of red, And some have even gone so far as to put blonde streaks in their hair. it different. Most of the blondes in the Westernized world had it leave a bottle. you will have "grimy blondes, "Light brown hair some blonde" But just a small portion of true, unmistakable blondes. Each to their personal. = Well im an Asian and i don't really cherish race. Most Asians these are silent and shy when near pretty white girls. Im 16 and i yet found an Asian girl definitely caught my attention. BUT a white girl has but i have a friend who likes to date Asian girls. Also Most Asian Men and Woman don't really want to date an Asian that's Fresh off the boat because If your Asian and rasied in north America and have parents that werent then you would discover why. But since We Asian men get most of the hated pressure from the media we usually do not get lucky. it just depeneds on the guy. If i white girl liked me i would go for her if its and Asian that was born IN the us i would go for her also if she liked me. The MAIN point is White Girls tend to stand out more to Asian men because of looks and charm. = To the first statement, i have never heard of an Asian man being prejudice towards white women (White women are the most desired), Must be a social thang. It's usually the opposite, Where the female would be prejudiced upon male. ( Full reaction )

Do Asian men marry white wives?

Yes many asiatische, exceptionally Chinese men marry White females. In russia it's so common that european bill legislators have passed bills against it. In higher toronto Canada many Asian men date white females, In France french women find Chinese men to be the sexiest across the globe. Search engines specifically bury dansko or sanita, should anyone ever Google "asian Men" You get a mass connection between gay ect. which unfortunately to me is oppressing. in order to incidents when English women found Chinese sailors attractive, And when hawaiian colonies were in bloom, And had been white females and Asian male pairings. if you would like sources I can post many I save them. ( Full answer to that question )

Are Asian men thought to be ugly by white women and gay white men?

there exist basically 2 levels of 'asians' 1. Men which can be immigrants from Asia. they have a stereotype of being 'nerdy' and not cool, Thus not very desirable if that they settle down in the western society. 2. Asian men that were born in the western world. These men are believed as 'banana', Which is yellow on the outside, But white internally. These are the type of Asian guys that are desirable by both white women and gay white men..

correct answer (those).

There are people of every ethnic [url=]dating Chinese girls[/url] group that are thought to be ugly to other people of every ethnic group. I think you would need to ask every 'white woman' and every 'gay white man' what they though about the possible One Billion Asians there are on the planet, To find out if they all think any of them are viewed as ugly..

Well i can't speak in every case but I'm a white woman and i find Asian guys hot..

I'm a white hunny, And myself, I find asian guys SERIOULY H O T! actuality, I find them more pleasing than white guys (Not saying that i don't find white males attractive).

on the flip side, Do Asian guys find brighte girls hot? solution (Gay men and women).

Asians as in Far Eastern gay males are actually quite popular with some kinds of gay white males (And gays of other contests) But usually older mature white men. They are happy to race mix where gay dating is worried..

The much coveted young attractive gay white males who everyone wants as a boyfriend in my experience tend to stick to other young attractive gay white males, Though there are only a few exceptions of course. I agree that Asian men are common with gay men. realistically, i have seen more gay couples involving Asian men and white men, Than i've come across straight couples involving white women and Asian men. I believe this has something connected with Asian men being perceived as feminine. NEW address (Black woman's) Asian men are some of the greatest men around imo, But i'm not much of White or gay, haha. they're usually the nicest, and enjoying the leanest bodies. skillfully. I even know ones who are bigger and fat and should be cute too. haha. Asian guys are fine in my book and people will not be so quick to judge. I've always been attracted to Asian and Latino men a lot more than white and black guys. Black comes next as I am Black, And White last for only a few reasons. I think worried (however races) Like asiatische men, They just don't get approached by them so it shouldn't date them. I've been asked out by a number of, But definitely dated any. Another ANSWER I haven't heard of gay white men, But Asian man and white woman couple seems more common if the Asian man is incredibly well off. optimum solution HERE to the above (japoneses chick): Asian man and white woman couples are not common compare to vice versa is since Asian men in general are NOT interested in dating white women, might be ONLY reason, although many people have been thinking too much to challenge this fact. but, White caucasian men who love both white and Asian women, will certainly deny this fact but make up reasons such as "White men are most attractive, "All Asian women are needy to marry white, "Asian men're loser" and also so on. absurdity! appear at all those AF/WM couples, You'll found that 99% of those Asian women who date with white Caucasian men are not regarded pretty or attractive, usually she must have a mental problem herself or she's actually a hooker. ( Full resolve )

Do white teens like Asian men?

now, The question really should be is why are there so much imbalance between Asian men with white women couples compared to Asian women with white men couples? A good looking person is a good looking person click race, So I don't even think race is usually a factor. Or if it is related to culture or both, But it's said that many non Asian Americans can't distinguish between Asian Americans and asians from overseas. Many of these Asians have not really improved on better expression of asians (Asian women are has a lawyer slightly better, But it's diverse kinds of). rather than trying to represent asians fairly, (Many of whom are talent agents) watch out for things worse like M. Night's The Last Airbender and Dragonball progression director James Wong. Even Sony pics (who's owned by Asia) Haven't been which represents asians either (Except those which are produced for Asian audience). there would be a poll taken for men of all races about their sexuality, And about 70% of Asian men say they don't be happy with their own sexuality. ( Full solve )

counseling help you men cheat with ugly women?

simply because can. Men have no emotional accessory to their Dicks, They are dogs of habit and loyal to their mates. Lean on him in proper moments and give him room to breath. me personally, The only place he evaluations be is with you. ok, Keep that independent streak switched up in your dependent streak. The man I am with were peviously a big time womanizer. he is not any more. Go get email. ( Full way around the problem )

individuals have counselling men leave pretty women for ugly ones?

The reason a person ends a loving relationship to be with someone new is because they feel they get more benefits, sentimentally and/or sexually, With the new person than from their current romance. It often has little to do with physical looks.

Because some people are pretty around the and ugly on the inside, While those that you call ugly are pretty contained in the product. If I have to respond these question in a broader sense, I would say perhaps older white men would almost certainly going to find Asian men attractive, This is perhaps to do with the fact that many east Asian culture is pretty more modest, Older white men feel they have better chance in Asian men. ( Full help answer ).

Shanelar Shanelar
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Posts: 35
29/10/2019 6:41 am  

New messenger app scores sudden favorable outcome

HONG KONG (Reuters) bullet Messenger, A Chinese messaging app, Has racked up countless downloads since its debut just a few weeks ago, Using a stripped down design to chip off a chunk of a sophisticated, thousand user market.

The Beijing based company out its app on Aug. 20, And within a week became the most purchased free offering on Apple Inc's App Store in China.

experts say its rapid ascent, Driven by Chinese internet users' craving for alternatives to the ubiquitous WeChat, Underscores just how fast China's mobile internet landscape can adjust.

"periodic disruption in the Chinese internet space is getting much, much more quickly, proclaimed Matthew Brennan, Co founder of tech consultancy China Channel.

"There is an increasingly massive amount of easy money chasing increasingly fewer opportunities, While there's even a very large pool of talented entrepreneurs now, So people know how to scale businesses fast there is a longtime playbook, He increased.

Bullet's minimalist design stands apart, As does a feature that in no time turns voice messages into text as the user speaks, And sends each voice message with a transcript that are edited.

WeChat offers similar voice input function, But it is hidden in the app's interface and not commonly utilised. It also does not allow voice messages and transcripts to be sent together, As round does.

Wang Guanran, A Shanghai based senior analyst with Citic investments, outlined Bullet's key advantage as being "lighter" as compared to WeChat.

as an example, WeChat's extra runs include payment and gaming, While Bullet only offers messaging and a newsfeed, And its interface allows users to reply to messages in fewer steps.

"In a time of very real problem, It makes marketing more simple, he explained.

round, manufactured by Beijing Kuairu Technology, Says it amassed 5 million users within 10 days of its launch. It is backed by Smartisan electronics, A niche smartphone maker founded by English teacher turned business person Luo Yonghao.

Kuairu said it has a team of just 36 individuals with an average age of 27, And improved 150 million yuan ($22 million) From growth capital within seven days of the app's launch.

The company declined to give details and turned down a request for a job interview.

Company combination records show Kuairu was registered in May with capital of 100,000 yuan.

Zhang Ji as well Hao Xijie, Both former [url=]vietnamese lady[/url] Smartisan supervisors, Are listed as its two directors, during Wang Li, Chief in use officer of Chinese dating app Momo Inc was listed as the sole owner as of May 9.

Momo said Wang is a trader in Bullet but did not hold any position at Beijing Kuairu.

to be able to Chinese corporate database Tianyancha, Smartisan and two local expansion capital firms, Chengwei resources and Gaorong major, committed to August.

Chengwei and Gaorong did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The rapid rise of Bullet serves as a wake up call for WeChat, experts say, Which has seen no serious challenger in China's mobile messaging world since it premiered in 2011.

"The Chinese consumer is considerably more fickle than the global average, Brennan pronounced. "There are always new consumers willing to try new products and platforms,

Foreign software program as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are banned in China, Where companies are required by law to censor their content.

The other normal option for messaging is QQ, With mobile and desktop versions, which is run by Tencent and is popular among younger people.

Liu Hai, 29, An auto electrical engineer in Shanghai, Said he obtained Bullet in part out of curiosity, But also because he was frustrated with the number of work messages cluttering his WeChat account.

"you find too many work group messages on WeChat. It feels like I am working on a daily basis. I cannot even block it out on days off, he was quoted saying.

Liu said he was impressed with Bullet's speed and voice acceptance technology, Which surely could decipher his southern Chinese accent.